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Physical Education provides pupils with the opportunity to be creative, competitive and develop resilience as individuals and in groups or teams. It promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy and active lifestyle and allows children to take on different roles or responsibilities such as leading, officiating and coaching.  

We invest in high-quality planning materials and training for teachers and are part of the local School Sports Partnership, giving children the opportunity to take part in competitive sporting opportunities throughout the year.  All children from Y1-Y6 take part in swimming lessons at Harrogate Hydro. We use the sports-premium funding to augment our PE offer and outdoor learning, enhancing the school grounds and offering a range of physical learning opportunities. 

As a school, we celebrate and promote sporting achievement, success and health and fitness in our weekly ‘celebration’ assemblies, on our school Twitter feed and Facebook accounts and in regular school newsletters alongside other academic achievements. We were proud to be one of the North Yorkshire PE and Sport Premium award winners in 2019 

PE lessons begin with a warm-up linked to the skill children are developing. This is followed by the teacher demonstrating a new skill which the children then practise discretely, before putting this into a competitive context (not necessarily against others, often the child is competing against themselves, trying to improve their own score or time). Lessons end with a cool-down, modelling good practice for the children.

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