Our School



At New Park all children from Y1-Y6 learn to play a musical instrument. In Key Stage 1, school staff teach children to play the recorder. This instrument is straightforward to learn (although difficult to master). By teaching children three note melodies we introduce musical notation, vocabulary, and the critical importance of listening whilst performing. From Year 3 upwards, we purchase expert whole-class ensemble teaching from North Yorkshire Music Service. Children spend two years learning an instrument in Y3/4 and switch in Year 5/6 to a different instrument. Each year ends with a musical performance where children perform pieces they have learned and celebrate the progress they have made. 

Weekly singing assemblies bring the school community together in song and children learn about the lives and works of artists and composers. We aim to inspire a love of music and performing and offer a range of peripatetic music lessons for children who wish to continue musical tuition. As part of our commitment to equality and inclusion, the school pays for music tuition for children in receipt of pupil premium. 

We seek out opportunities for our children to attend music concerts and recitals, giving all children the experience of professional musical performance and inspiring a love of music.