Parents and Carers

Charging Policy for Curricular and Extra-Curricular Events

As part of enriching and promoting learning, we try to organise a range of activities.

These may include visits to school by theatre and music groups as well as the opportunity to enjoy visiting places of interest outside school. Wherever possible, we try to subsidise these visits for all parents through the school’s enrichment budget but there are occasions when we ask parents for a voluntary contribution towards the costs of the activity.

Please note that we aim to ensure that the voluntary contributions requested by the School are calculated in a way which is a fair division of the total cost between the number of children involved. When contributions are not made, but we are still able to go ahead with the activity, any losses made are met by the School. If these losses are high, the School reserves the right to cancel the visit. Parents who do choose to make contributions are not subsidising those who do not. Individual families are not pressurised into making contributions towards the cost of an activity.

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