Parents & Carers

Sickness and Medication

Please keep your children at home if they are not well enough to attend school.

Colds and sickness bugs spread very rapidly between young children and can cause great distress to a child who needs to be in bed. If your child will not be attending school the office must be informed by telephone (01423 503011) on the first morning of any absence before 9.15am and for every day of their absence thereafter to notify us of the reason for absence. Any unexplained absences will be registered as unauthorised and recorded on your child’s end of year report.

Wherever possible, please ensure that medicines are administered at home. Children are not permitted to carry medicines to school. Occasional precribed medication, such as an antibiotic, should be brought by parents to the office, but a medication administration form must be completed and signed by you.  If your child needs to use regular prescribed medication such as an inhaler you will need to bring it in the original box and hand it to Miss Williams with instructions on how it is to be used. Children who use inhalers regularly will be allowed to keep these with them throughout the day. Medicines not in their original box, within their expiry date or named for the child who it will be administrated to will not be accepted.


The School Nurse makes regular visits to school to check children’s vision, hearing, height and weight . She will only test your child with your consent. School Nurses no longer inspect children’s heads for head lice. Please check your child’s hair on a regular basis and inform school if you find evidence of head lice in your child’s hair.  Staff will not be permitted to administer treatment, but will be able to advise you if they suspect your child has headlice. Foundation Stage children do not receive dental checks in school. 

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