Our School

School organisation

The School Day for all pupils:

Morning Session


Afternoon Session

8.55am – 12.00pm

12.00pm – 12.50pm

12.50pm – 3.10pm

The doors are opened at 8.45am. and the external gates are opened at 8.40am. From Y1 upwards pupils have a morning break between 10.30am-10.45am and Foundation Stage  pupils have continuous play provision

Classes -  We currently have 7 classes and a Nursery

  1. Reception

  2. Year 1

  3. Year 2

  4. Year 3/4W

  5. Year 3/4P

  6. Year 5

  7. Year 6

Annual variations in pupil numbers means that we often have to organise class groups differently from year to year. This is unavoidable however we will always ensure that we do not mix children across key stages 1 and 2

Within each class teaching organisation will vary. Sometimes this will be whole class, small group or individual. Teaching methods will be as varied as the needs of the children in the class demand. Additional support is provided by our highly experienced teaching assistants.

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