Our School

Our Governors

Chair of Governors                                           Mr L Bell
Vice Chair                                                        Mrs J Morris
Head Teacher                                                  Mr R Mold
Teacher Governor                                            Miss J Adlington
Co-opted                                                         Miss S Williams
Co-opted                                                         Mr G Colvin
Co-opted                                                          Mrs B Ashby
Co-opted                                                          Mr S Phillips
Parent Governor                                              Mrs R Cascone                                 
Parent Governor                                              Mrs S Lemmetyinen
Clerk to Governors                                           Mr B Alker


What Do They Do?

School governors, together with the head teacher, are responsible for the overall educational and financial health of the school. They are all unpaid volunteers who meet regularly (at least twice termly) to discuss and decide upon all aspects of school activities such as appointing staff, monitoring the budget, maintaining the premises and reviewing the curriculum. The governing body is a legal entity, and governors execute their individual responsibilities collectively.

In short, the governors are best thought of as trustees of the school who act in the interests of current and future pupils and staff.

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